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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2015-04-02 demisexual [en] demisexual pronunciation 0 votes
2015-03-24 else [en] else pronunciation 0 votes
2014-08-05 Asha [ne] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2014-08-05 Arame [wo] Arame pronunciation By Hemawater
2014-07-26 Arame [fr] Arame pronunciation By Crumsli
2014-07-26 இம்சை [ta] இம்சை pronunciation By meenaal
2014-07-26 Imasha [si] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2013-11-11 Jeltsje [nl] Jeltsje pronunciation By FlyingDutchman
2011-12-30 Jasper [fi] Jasper pronunciation By tmkiiski
2011-09-20 leaped [en] leaped pronunciation By dangelovich
2011-09-20 kneeled [en] kneeled pronunciation 0 votes
2011-09-20 learned [en] learned pronunciation 4 votes
2011-01-15 Lotten [sv] Lotten pronunciation By Ngdawa
2009-06-06 dialect [en] dialect pronunciation By roy_e17
2009-06-06 dialectical [en] dialectical pronunciation 0 votes
2009-06-06 postal [en] postal pronunciation 0 votes
2009-06-06 posture [en] posture pronunciation By TopQuark
2009-06-06 prerequisite [en] prerequisite pronunciation By dorabora
2009-06-06 portray [en] portray pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-06-06 psychoses [en] psychoses pronunciation 0 votes
2009-06-06 psychosis [en] psychosis pronunciation By Cress123
2009-06-06 tubular [en] tubular pronunciation By carroll27
2009-06-04 backhanded [en] backhanded pronunciation 1 votes Best pronunciation
2009-06-04 proactive [en] proactive pronunciation 2 votes Best pronunciation
2009-05-30 Henriette [da] Henriette pronunciation By Mikoangelo
2008-12-07 Stig [no] Stig pronunciation By chrisb
2008-12-01 Róisín [ga] Róisín pronunciation By Lunoma
2008-12-01 Bregje [nl] Bregje pronunciation By No_accent
2008-12-01 Evelyne [nl] Evelyne pronunciation By jaaan
2008-10-04 daffy [en] daffy pronunciation 0 votes