Forvo iPhone App questions

October 20, 2010
We have received great feedback about our recently released iPhone App, but there are also some user with doubts about it. First, I would like to thank to all the people who are downloading the app because it's a big support for keeping Forvo alive (thanks!) But also, I understand that paying for something make people more demanding about the product. So I would like to answer some of your questions:
  • The app allows you to access to the unique content Forvo with your help has collected. If this is not good enough for you, please don't download the app.
  • We have plans to develop apps for other mobile platforms. (read Android)
  • We have plans to develop apps for individual languages at a very reduced price. (Spanish pronunciations, French pronunciations, etc.)
  • We have plans to add new browsing features and even translations.
  • The app does not pretend to be the website. It's a faster way of searching and listening to the pronunciations. Listening in the website through the standard iPhone player is a real pain. Furthermore, it has some useful features that doesn't exist in the website as remembering your previous searches and activity.

And now to share a little of Forvo love, we have decided to give away 10 codes to download the app for free for the first 10 valid comments in this post(*). A good review in the iTunes Store would be appreciated ;) * Only available for the U.S. iTunes Store. Please leave valid contact information.