And the award goes to...

November 20, 2015

...All of you! That's right folks, Forvo was presented with a special award last night and it's thanks to each and every one of you who takes time to contribute to Forvo and help make it the great resource that it is. The award was presented to us by our friends at the Diario Vasco newspaper as they celebrated 20 years of their website


The ceremony was all about innovation, and we were given a special mention for innovation in the field of collaboration.


Félix, one of the founding partners of Forvo, was presented with the award by Spanish stand-up comedian Luis Piedrahita who raised many a laugh on the night.


Picking up the award, Félix said he wanted to thank each and every one of our collaborators and editors who help make Forvo great. Forvo wouldn't exist without you and we are hugely indebted to all of you. So raise a glass and here's to many more years of making the place to pronounce. Check out our presentation video below. With thanks to the guys at Diario Vasco and Teledonosti.