Recording blitz

December 9, 2015

Sometimes those pesky words on Forvo can get 'stuck' in the pending pronounciation queue. It's nobody's fault and can be due to a number of reasons. We noticed this problem was particularly prevalent with one of the languages on Forvo - Hebrew, which had ended up with 11,000 words pending pronunciation. Quite a lot I think you'll all agree!


In order to solve the issue, we reached out to our Hebrew editors who explained some of the reasons which might be leading to this queue of words. Forvo editor Inbal told us: "We have a unique situation as a language. On the one hand we have modern Hebrew as spoken today in Israel, for which the native speakers should only be Israeli born, or those who sound like them. On the other hand we have words coming from the Bible – we have many requests for those, names of people and places that modern Israelis don't even know about, let alone how to pronounce."

So what was the solution? After some cleaning up of the database, Inbal came up with the great idea of a recording blitz. She gathered together some of her fellow Hebrew users  (including her 80-year-old dad!) and they blitzed through hundreds of words over a weekend of frenetic Forvo activity. Their reward? As well as making sure there remains a permanent record of their efforts and helping others to learn to pronounce - a fantastic Forvo T-shirt, as modelled by Inbal below.


Well done to all our Hebrew editors who have done an amazing job! תודה רבה!

What about your language? Do you find there a lot of words which are pending pronunciation? Have you got any great ideas on how to clear those lists? Send in your thoughts to

Thanks! Forvo Team