Forvo presents language guides at Atlantikaldia

September 26, 2016

We had the huge pleasure of taking part in the Atlantikaldia Festival in Errenteria last weekend. For four days the Basque town was turned into a meeting place of cultures from around the world, with a special focus on the music, languages and culture of the European Atlantic communities.

During the festival we presented our minority language guides in Welsh, Basque, Frisian, Scottish Gaelic, Irish, Cornish and Galician. The mini audio dictionaries were created in collaboration with Tosta, a project which is promoting some of the minority languages of Europe’s Atlantic coast. Below you can find some more photos of the Forvo team at the festival.

Many thanks to the organisers of Atlantikaldia who put on a great show and to all of your who came along to see us! Mila esker! Diolch! Tankewol! Go raibh maith agat! Tapadh leat! Grazas! Meur ras!

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