Are you saying Clinton and Trump correctly?

November 7, 2016

You might think it's an easy question to answer, but there certainly appear to be variations in the way people pronounce the surnames of the US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Some speakers will pronounce the 't' in Hillary Clinton's last name, whereas others with omit it, thus shortening her surname. Meanwhile many speakers pronounce the 'u' in Donald Trump's surname as a flatter 'a' sound. Have you noticed?

Check it out for yourselves on our US Election Pronunciation Guide. Listen to the recordings and let us know how you pronounce the names of the candidates by tweeting us @forvo. Also featuring in the guide are the names of US states as well as other terminology related to the presidential elections. Can you say Massachusetts correctly? What about Nevada, famously mispronounced by Donald Trump earlier in the campaign? And that's not to mention Illinois or Arkansas.

Be sure to check out our pronunciation guide on Forvo for some fascinating insights.