The 341st language now available

May 2, 2017

We're glad to announce that we've added a new language to our already wide list.

With about 1,500,000 speakers, Moldovan is a language that is spoken in the Republic of Moldova. Although many people believe that the Moldovan and the Romanian languages are the same language, the former has an ISO code, which is one of the factors that we take into consideration when adding a new language.

Moldovan uses the Romanian alphabet, which is based on the Latin alphabet. However, the Moldovan Cyrillic alphabet was used until the end of the 20th century, since it was in 1989 that the Latin script was adopted definitively, although the Cyrillic alphabet is still used in the region of Transnistria.

In terms of vocabulary, it can be said that Moldovan is distinct from Romanian, as it contains Ukrainian and, mainly, Russian borrowings and constructions.

We hope you'll enjoy this new addition to Forvo. You can check out the pronunciations here:

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