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The Editors Behind Forvo

Even though us at Forvo like to think of the site as a helpful reference in a time of need, we know that Forvo would be no help at all without its over 500 editors that generously volunteer their time to help share their native language with...

March 11, 2015

5 more languages translated

It was weeks ago but we didn't mention here. Greek , Japanese , Ukrainian , Finnish and Hungarian translations of Forvo are completed. We are working on 10 more languages to release before the end of 2010, including Persian ,...

August 5, 2010

More languages translated: Danish, Hungarian and Hindi

Three new languages available to browse Forvo, Danish, Hungarian and Hindi. The editors who have made this possible are Olfine , Detheltsort , Frankie , Komal_K , so thanks to them . Maybe you think that we are only releasing new languages...

April 15, 2010

Dutch released

New languages come in pairs. We mentioned German in our latest post but also Dutch was released. It was an awesome piece of work from more than 20 people that joined their effors to complete these translations. Thanks! These are the...

April 2, 2010