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More languages in the traduction service!

Exciting news about our translation service! We're pleased to announce that more languages are available in our translation service. Until now, we could choose three possible languages as the source language: English, French and Spanish....

January 11, 2018


How do you pronounce Payet, Błaszczykowski and Griezmann?

Euro 2016 has sparked a lot of interest in Forvo, with many of our users trying to find out how to pronounce the names of the some of the continent's top footballers. The top three requested pronunciations for the month of June were the...

July 8, 2016


Most pronounced words of 2015 on Forvo

Forvo.com's annual list of the most requested pronunciations of the year is now out and it provides a fascinating insight into how we lived in 2015. Amongst the online pronunciation guide's lists this year we can see the global...

December 24, 2015


The Editors Behind Forvo

Even though us at Forvo like to think of the site as a helpful reference in a time of need, we know that Forvo would be no help at all without its over 500 editors that generously volunteer their time to help share their native language with...

March 11, 2015


2014 in Pronunciations

Well readers, our annual list of most pronounced words is now out a month overdue, but better late than never. Besides being a curiosity to look at, the following lists tell us something about our time and place. What we wonder how to...

February 9, 2015

Even more languages

Here we go with a new bunch of translations released: Persian , Catalan , Romanian , Korean , Slovak , Thai and Polish . This is how it looks Forvo in Korean. Impressive!! We are currently working on Bulgarian , Norwegian ,...

November 30, 2010

Dutch released

New languages come in pairs. We mentioned German in our latest post but also Dutch was released. It was an awesome piece of work from more than 20 people that joined their effors to complete these translations. Thanks! These are the...

April 2, 2010

Recent news about Forvo from all over the world

Almost everyday we find a new article or post about Forvo, here are some recent highlights: - BBC.co.uk , in Persian. - Habrahabr , in Russian. What about new languages? We are working on these translations, if you want to...

February 13, 2010

More Forvo reviews

Recents comments about Forvo in websites and TV. - On Mexican TV: Noticieros de Televisa at 07:15. - In ReadWriteWeb: 5 great translation tools . - In a Polish aggregator: Wykop - In MetaFilter: You say poe-tay-toe .

September 14, 2009