Anatomy vocabulary in Cantonese

This guide could prove very useful if you have to go to a hospital while you're abroad because you've strained your ankle, or because perhaps you've got a sore throat. Knowing how to say the names of body parts in other languages is incredibly useful.

  • abdomen pronunciation abdomen
    腹 pronunciation
  • armpit pronunciation armpit
    胳肋底 pronunciation 胳肋底
  • chin pronunciation chin
    下巴 pronunciation 下巴
  • mouth pronunciation mouth
    口 pronunciation
  • arm pronunciation arm
    臂 pronunciation
  • head pronunciation head
    頭 pronunciation
  • face pronunciation face
    面 pronunciation
  • elbow pronunciation elbow
    手踭 pronunciation 手踭
  • side pronunciation side
    腰 pronunciation
  • neck pronunciation neck
    頸 pronunciation
  • finger pronunciation finger
    手指 pronunciation 手指
  • tooth pronunciation tooth
    牙 pronunciation
  • back pronunciation back
    背脊 pronunciation 背脊
  • shoulder pronunciation shoulder
    膊頭 pronunciation 膊頭
  • groin pronunciation groin
    髀罅 pronunciation 髀罅
  • lip pronunciation lip
    唇 pronunciation
  • tongue pronunciation tongue
    脷 pronunciation
  • hand pronunciation hand
    手 pronunciation
  • wrist pronunciation wrist
    手腕 pronunciation 手腕
  • buttock pronunciation buttock
    噼噼(pet1 pet1) pronunciation 噼噼(pet1 pet1)
  • nose pronunciation nose
    鼻 pronunciation
  • eye pronunciation eye
    眼 pronunciation
  • ear pronunciation ear
    耳 pronunciation
  • breast pronunciation breast
    胸 pronunciation
  • foot pronunciation foot
    腳 pronunciation
  • leg pronunciation leg
    腳 pronunciation
  • knee pronunciation knee
    膝 pronunciation
  • temple pronunciation temple
    魂精(wan4 zeng1) pronunciation 魂精(wan4 zeng1)
  • ankle pronunciation ankle
    腳眼 pronunciation 腳眼
  • nail pronunciation nail
    手甲 pronunciation 手甲
  • skin pronunciation skin
    皮 pronunciation
  • eyelash pronunciation eyelash
    睫毛 pronunciation 睫毛
  • eyebrow pronunciation eyebrow
    眉 pronunciation
  • hair pronunciation hair
    髮 pronunciation
  • heel pronunciation heel
    腳踭 pronunciation 腳踭
  • sole pronunciation sole
    腳板 pronunciation 腳板
  • muscle pronunciation muscle
    肌肉 pronunciation 肌肉
  • palm pronunciation palm
    掌 pronunciation
  • artery pronunciation artery
    動脈 pronunciation 動脈
  • brain pronunciation brain
    腦 pronunciation
  • heart pronunciation heart
    心 pronunciation
  • esophagus pronunciation esophagus
    食道 pronunciation 食道
  • stomach pronunciation stomach
    胃 pronunciation
  • throat pronunciation throat
    喉 pronunciation
  • liver pronunciation liver
    肝 pronunciation
  • pancreas pronunciation pancreas
    胰臟 pronunciation 胰臟
  • lung pronunciation lung
    肺 pronunciation
  • kidney pronunciation kidney
    腎 pronunciation
  • bone pronunciation bone
    骨 pronunciation
  • pharynx pronunciation pharynx
    咽喉 pronunciation 咽喉
  • larynx pronunciation larynx
    咽喉 pronunciation 咽喉
  • inner ear pronunciation inner ear
    內耳 pronunciation 內耳
  • eardrum pronunciation eardrum
    耳膜 pronunciation 耳膜