Meteorology vocabulary in Cantonese

"A hard frost in Moscow", "A typhoon is approaching Macao", "It's snowing in Berlin... The weather is a frequent topic of conversation no matter what country you're in. Use this guide to get a grip on vocabulary related to the weather.

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  • sun pronunciation sun
    日 pronunciation
  • moon pronunciation moon
    月 pronunciation
  • star pronunciation star
    星 pronunciation
  • rain pronunciation rain
    雨 pronunciation
  • cloud pronunciation cloud
    雲 pronunciation
  • hail pronunciation hail
    雹 pronunciation
  • sky pronunciation sky
    天 pronunciation
  • snow pronunciation snow
    雪 pronunciation
  • fog pronunciation fog
    霧 pronunciation
  • haze pronunciation haze
    霾 pronunciation
  • cold pronunciation cold
    凍 pronunciation
  • heat pronunciation heat
    熱 pronunciation
  • storm pronunciation storm
    風暴 pronunciation 風暴
  • lightning pronunciation lightning
    閃電 pronunciation 閃電
  • thunder pronunciation thunder
    行雷 pronunciation 行雷
  • hurricane pronunciation hurricane
    颶風 pronunciation 颶風
  • typhoon pronunciation typhoon
    大風 pronunciation 大風
  • cyclone pronunciation cyclone
    氣旋 pronunciation 氣旋
  • squall pronunciation squall
    急風 pronunciation 急風
  • anticyclone pronunciation anticyclone
    反氣旋 pronunciation 反氣旋
  • temperature pronunciation temperature
    溫度 pronunciation 溫度
  • degree pronunciation degree
    度(dou6) pronunciation 度(dou6)
  • frost pronunciation frost
    霜 pronunciation
  • tide pronunciation tide
    潮汐 pronunciation 潮汐
  • Wind pronunciation Wind
    風 pronunciation