Meteorology vocabulary in Chinese Mandarin

Words like "snow", "rain", "heat" or "temperature" are used many times in everyday conversations. Having some basic knowledge on the vocabulary about meteorology in Chinese is really helpful if you are going to travel to China.

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  • sun pronunciation sun
    太阳 pronunciation 太阳
  • moon pronunciation moon
    月亮 pronunciation 月亮
  • star pronunciation star
    星星 pronunciation 星星
  • rain pronunciation rain
    雨 pronunciation
  • cloud pronunciation cloud
    云 pronunciation
  • hail pronunciation hail
    冰雹 pronunciation 冰雹
  • sky pronunciation sky
    天空 pronunciation 天空
  • snow pronunciation snow
    雪 pronunciation
  • fog pronunciation fog
    雾 pronunciation
  • haze pronunciation haze
    大雾 pronunciation 大雾
  • cold pronunciation cold
    冷 pronunciation
  • heat pronunciation heat
    热 pronunciation
  • storm pronunciation storm
    暴风雨 pronunciation 暴风雨
  • lightning pronunciation lightning
    闪电 pronunciation 闪电
  • thunder pronunciation thunder
    雷 pronunciation
  • hurricane pronunciation hurricane
    飓风 pronunciation 飓风
  • typhoon pronunciation typhoon
    台风 pronunciation 台风
  • cyclone pronunciation cyclone
    低压 pronunciation 低压
  • squall pronunciation squall
    风暴 pronunciation 风暴
  • anticyclone pronunciation anticyclone
    高压 pronunciation 高压
  • temperature pronunciation temperature
    温度 pronunciation 温度
  • degree pronunciation degree
    级 pronunciation
  • frost pronunciation frost
    冰 pronunciation
  • tide pronunciation tide
    潮汐 pronunciation 潮汐
  • Wind pronunciation Wind
    风 pronunciation