Numbers and colours vocabulary in Dutch

The first concepts that a child from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht learns couldn't be ignored. Here we present the basic vocabulary for numbers and colours in Dutch.

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  • red pronunciation red
    rood pronunciation rood
  • green pronunciation green
    groen pronunciation groen
  • blue pronunciation blue
    blauw pronunciation blauw
  • magenta pronunciation magenta
    magenta pronunciation magenta
  • cyan pronunciation cyan
    cyaan pronunciation cyaan
  • yellow pronunciation yellow
    geel pronunciation geel
  • brown pronunciation brown
    bruin pronunciation bruin
  • violet pronunciation violet
    paars pronunciation paars
  • orange pronunciation orange
    oranje pronunciation oranje
  • white pronunciation white
    wit pronunciation wit
  • grey pronunciation grey
    grijs pronunciation grijs
  • black pronunciation black
    zwart pronunciation zwart
  • pink pronunciation pink
    roze pronunciation roze
  • fuchsia pronunciation fuchsia
  • purple pronunciation purple
    purper pronunciation purper
  • lavender pronunciation lavender
    lavendel pronunciation lavendel
  • beige pronunciation beige
    beige pronunciation beige
  • silver pronunciation silver
    zilver pronunciation zilver
  • lilac pronunciation lilac
    lila pronunciation lila