Anatomy vocabulary in Dutch

Visiting the doctor when going to Amsterdam, Maastricht or Leiden is something that happens more often than we might think when we are in the Netherlands. This basic vocabulary of the human body in Dutch will be of help when talking to the doctor.

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  • abdomen pronunciation abdomen
    buik pronunciation buik
  • armpit pronunciation armpit
    oksel pronunciation oksel
  • chin pronunciation chin
    kin pronunciation kin
  • mouth pronunciation mouth
    mond pronunciation mond
  • arm pronunciation arm
    arm pronunciation arm
  • head pronunciation head
    hoofd pronunciation hoofd
  • face pronunciation face
    gezicht pronunciation gezicht
  • elbow pronunciation elbow
    elleboog pronunciation elleboog
  • side pronunciation side
    zij pronunciation zij
  • neck pronunciation neck
    nek pronunciation nek
  • finger pronunciation finger
    vinger pronunciation vinger
  • tooth pronunciation tooth
    tand pronunciation tand
  • back pronunciation back
    rug pronunciation rug
  • shoulder pronunciation shoulder
    schouder pronunciation schouder
  • groin pronunciation groin
    lies pronunciation lies
  • lip pronunciation lip
    lip pronunciation lip
  • tongue pronunciation tongue
    tong pronunciation tong
  • hand pronunciation hand
    hand pronunciation hand
  • wrist pronunciation wrist
    pols pronunciation pols
  • buttock pronunciation buttock
    bil pronunciation bil
  • nose pronunciation nose
    neus pronunciation neus
  • eye pronunciation eye
    oog pronunciation oog
  • ear pronunciation ear
    oor pronunciation oor
  • breast pronunciation breast
    borst pronunciation borst
  • foot pronunciation foot
    voet pronunciation voet
  • leg pronunciation leg
    been pronunciation been
  • knee pronunciation knee
    knie pronunciation knie
  • temple pronunciation temple
    slaap pronunciation slaap
  • ankle pronunciation ankle
    enkel pronunciation enkel
  • nail pronunciation nail
    nagel pronunciation nagel
  • skin pronunciation skin
    huid pronunciation huid
  • eyelash pronunciation eyelash
    wimper pronunciation wimper
  • eyebrow pronunciation eyebrow
    wenkbrauw pronunciation wenkbrauw
  • hair pronunciation hair
    haar pronunciation haar
  • heel pronunciation heel
    hiel pronunciation hiel
  • sole pronunciation sole
    voetzool pronunciation voetzool
  • muscle pronunciation muscle
    spier pronunciation spier
  • palm pronunciation palm
    handpalm pronunciation handpalm