Calendar vocabulary in Japanese

Here you will find some basic vocabulary in Japanese that is useful for any person who travels to Japanese cities like Yokohama, Kyoto, Hiroshima or Tokyo.

  • January pronunciation January
    1月 pronunciation 1月
  • February pronunciation February
    2月 pronunciation 2月
  • March pronunciation March
    3月 pronunciation 3月
  • April pronunciation April
    4月 pronunciation 4月
  • May pronunciation May
    5月 pronunciation 5月
  • June pronunciation June
    6月 pronunciation 6月
  • July pronunciation July
    7月 pronunciation 7月
  • August pronunciation August
    8月 pronunciation 8月
  • September pronunciation September
    9月 pronunciation 9月
  • October pronunciation October
    10月 pronunciation 10月
  • November pronunciation November
    11月 pronunciation 11月
  • December pronunciation December
    12月 pronunciation 12月
  • spring pronunciation spring
    春 pronunciation
  • summer pronunciation summer
    夏 pronunciation
  • autumn pronunciation autumn
    秋 pronunciation
  • winter pronunciation winter
    冬 pronunciation