Anatomy vocabulary in Spanish

Visiting the doctor when going to Barcelona or Madrid is something that happens more often than we might think when we are in Spain. This basic vocabulary of the human body in Spanish will be of help when talking to the doctor.

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  • abdomen pronunciation abdomen
    abdomen pronunciation abdomen
  • armpit pronunciation armpit
    axila pronunciation axila
  • chin pronunciation chin
    barbilla pronunciation barbilla
  • mouth pronunciation mouth
    boca pronunciation boca
  • arm pronunciation arm
    brazo pronunciation brazo
  • head pronunciation head
    cabeza pronunciation cabeza
  • face pronunciation face
    cara pronunciation cara
  • elbow pronunciation elbow
    codo pronunciation codo
  • side pronunciation side
    costado pronunciation costado
  • neck pronunciation neck
    cuello pronunciation cuello
  • finger pronunciation finger
    dedo pronunciation dedo
  • tooth pronunciation tooth
    diente pronunciation diente
  • back pronunciation back
    espalda pronunciation espalda
  • shoulder pronunciation shoulder
    hombro pronunciation hombro
  • groin pronunciation groin
    ingle pronunciation ingle
  • lip pronunciation lip
    labio pronunciation labio
  • tongue pronunciation tongue
    lengua pronunciation lengua
  • hand pronunciation hand
    mano pronunciation mano
  • wrist pronunciation wrist
    muñeca pronunciation muñeca
  • buttock pronunciation buttock
    nalga pronunciation nalga
  • nose pronunciation nose
    nariz pronunciation nariz
  • eye pronunciation eye
    ojo pronunciation ojo
  • ear pronunciation ear
    oreja pronunciation oreja
  • breast pronunciation breast
    seno pronunciation seno
  • foot pronunciation foot
    pie pronunciation pie
  • leg pronunciation leg
    pierna pronunciation pierna
  • knee pronunciation knee
    rodilla pronunciation rodilla
  • temple pronunciation temple
  • ankle pronunciation ankle
    tobillo pronunciation tobillo
  • nail pronunciation nail
    uña pronunciation uña
  • skin pronunciation skin
    piel pronunciation piel
  • eyelash pronunciation eyelash
    pestaña pronunciation pestaña
  • eyebrow pronunciation eyebrow
    ceja pronunciation ceja
  • hair pronunciation hair
    pelo pronunciation pelo
  • heel pronunciation heel
    talón pronunciation talón
  • sole pronunciation sole
    planta de pie pronunciation planta de pie
  • muscle pronunciation muscle
    músculo pronunciation músculo
  • palm pronunciation palm
    palma de la mano pronunciation palma de la mano