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sants o santes

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  • David pronunciation
    David [en]
  • Aaron pronunciation
    Aaron [en]
  • Adam pronunciation
    Adam [en]
  • Sara pronunciation
    Sara [tt]
  • Diana pronunciation
    Diana [en]
  • Samuel pronunciation
    Samuel [es]
  • mar pronunciation
    mar [es]
  • Joan pronunciation
    Joan [en]
  • Rafael pronunciation
    Rafael [pt]
  • Santiago pronunciation
    Santiago [en]
  • juli pronunciation
    juli [de]
  • Jordi pronunciation
    Jordi [ca]
  • Jaume pronunciation
    Jaume [ca]
  • Alexandre pronunciation
    Alexandre [fr]
  • aber pronunciation
    aber [de]
  • Jesús pronunciation
    Jesús [es]
  • Alfred pronunciation
    Alfred [en]
  • Mariana pronunciation
    Mariana [pt]
  • Marina pronunciation
    Marina [es]
  • Roger pronunciation
    Roger [en]
  • Abel pronunciation
    Abel [en]
  • Joaquim pronunciation
    Joaquim [ca]
  • Albert pronunciation
    Albert [fr]
  • Pau pronunciation
    Pau [pt]
  • Artur pronunciation
    Artur [sv]
  • Emmanuel pronunciation
    Emmanuel [fr]
  • Marc pronunciation
    Marc [da]
  • Júlia pronunciation
    Júlia [ca]
  • Ernest pronunciation
    Ernest [en]
  • januari pronunciation
    januari [sv]
  • Adolf pronunciation
    Adolf [de]
  • Josep pronunciation
    Josep [ind]
  • Clement pronunciation
    Clement [en]
  • Joana pronunciation
    Joana [pt]
  • Lluc pronunciation
    Lluc [ca]
  • Francesc pronunciation
    Francesc [ca]
  • Miquel pronunciation
    Miquel [ca]
  • Oriol pronunciation
    Oriol [ca]
  • Víctor pronunciation
    Víctor [es]
  • Sabina pronunciation
    Sabina [it]
  • Sanna pronunciation
    Sanna [la]
  • benet pronunciation
    benet [ca]
  • esteve pronunciation
    esteve [pt]
  • damas pronunciation
    damas [fr]
  • Eduard pronunciation
    Eduard [de]
  • Jutta pronunciation
    Jutta [de]
  • Jacinta pronunciation
    Jacinta [es]
  • dat pronunciation
    dat [la]
  • pere pronunciation
    pere [ku]
  • Ramon pronunciation
    Ramon [ca]
  • Dagobert pronunciation
    Dagobert [de]
  • Manfred pronunciation
    Manfred [de]
  • Justina pronunciation
    Justina [pt]
  • Judit pronunciation
    Judit [sv]
  • Carles pronunciation
    Carles [ca]
  • Duna pronunciation
    Duna [hu]
  • Josefina pronunciation
    Josefina [ca]
  • margarida pronunciation
    margarida [pt]
  • Antoni pronunciation
    Antoni [ca]
  • Salomé pronunciation
    Salomé [ca]
  • Gaspar pronunciation
    Gaspar [es]
  • sandali pronunciation
    sandali [tl]
  • Sergi pronunciation
    Sergi [ca]
  • Llorenç pronunciation
    Llorenç [ca]
  • Guillem pronunciation
    Guillem [ca]
  • Lluís pronunciation
    Lluís [ca]
  • fidel pronunciation
    fidel [ca]
  • Juvenal pronunciation
    Juvenal [pt]
  • Urs pronunciation
    Urs [ro]
  • Dorotea pronunciation
    Dorotea [hr]
  • digna pronunciation
    digna [pt]
  • Adalbert pronunciation
    Adalbert [de]
  • Magne pronunciation
    Magne [ca]
  • Doda pronunciation
    Doda [hi]
  • Arnau pronunciation
    Arnau [ca]
  • Diomedes pronunciation
    Diomedes [en]
  • Baltasar pronunciation
    Baltasar [es]
  • Delfina pronunciation
    Delfina [pt]
  • Àgape pronunciation
    Àgape [ca]
  • roj pronunciation
    roj [zza]
  • sabel pronunciation
    sabel [eu]
  • deri pronunciation
    deri [tr]
  • Ulrica pronunciation
    Ulrica [sv]
  • Andreu pronunciation
    Andreu [ca]
  • Vicenç pronunciation
    Vicenç [ca]
  • Àbac pronunciation
    Àbac [ca]
  • Maria Teresa pronunciation
    Maria Teresa [ca]
  • romà pronunciation
    romà [ca]
  • dion pronunciation
    dion [eu]
  • Bernat pronunciation
    Bernat [ca]
  • Sagar pronunciation
    Sagar [eu]
  • Berenguer pronunciation
    Berenguer [ca]
  • Cosme pronunciation
    Cosme [pt]
  • Josafat pronunciation
    Josafat [pt]
  • Maria Rosa pronunciation
    Maria Rosa [ca]
  • dió pronunciation
    dió [hu]
  • Eudald pronunciation
    Eudald [ca]
  • manel pronunciation
    manel [af]
  • Jofre pronunciation
    Jofre [ca]
  • Dimas pronunciation
    Dimas [es]