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Date Word Pronunciation Info
2017-04-24 Aedes aegypti [sv] Aedes aegypti pronunciation By pernys32
2016-12-19 fejknyhet [sv] fejknyhet pronunciation 0 votes
2016-10-11 Gestilren [sv] Gestilren pronunciation By pernys32
2016-09-08 Christian Svarfvar [sv] Christian Svarfvar pronunciation By pernys32
2016-06-02 hybridkrig [sv] hybridkrig pronunciation 0 votes
2016-05-12 wifi [sv] wifi pronunciation By pernys32
2016-04-24 Gábor Bretz [hu] Gábor Bretz pronunciation By jani99
2016-04-04 Live-TV [sv] Live-TV pronunciation 0 votes
2016-03-01 Guillain Barrés syndrom [sv] Guillain Barrés syndrom pronunciation 0 votes
2016-03-01 zikafeber [sv] zikafeber pronunciation By pernys32
2016-03-01 zikavirus [sv] zikavirus pronunciation By pernys32
2016-03-01 denguefeber [sv] denguefeber pronunciation By pernys32
2016-02-22 Muckle Flugga [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2016-02-22 Sullom Voe [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2016-02-22 Haroldswick [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2016-02-22 Sumburgh [en] Sumburgh pronunciation By thecupcakefarmer
2016-02-22 Pierremont Park [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2016-02-22 River Alde [en] Pending pronunciation Pending pronunciation
2016-02-22 Orford Ness [en] Orford Ness pronunciation By dorabora
2015-10-13 havrekaka [sv] havrekaka pronunciation 0 votes
2015-10-13 syltkaka [sv] syltkaka pronunciation 0 votes
2015-10-13 chokladbröd [sv] chokladbröd pronunciation 0 votes
2015-10-13 nötkaka [sv] nötkaka pronunciation 0 votes
2015-10-13 mandelkubb [sv] mandelkubb pronunciation 0 votes
2015-10-13 finskapinnar [sv] finskapinnar pronunciation 0 votes
2015-09-30 värdekonservativ [sv] värdekonservativ pronunciation 0 votes
2015-09-30 värdekonservatism [sv] värdekonservatism pronunciation 0 votes
2015-09-30 samröre [sv] samröre pronunciation 0 votes
2015-09-30 klartecken [sv] klartecken pronunciation 0 votes
2015-09-30 miljöorganisation [sv] miljöorganisation pronunciation 0 votes