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Word Pronunciation by
logs pronunciation
logs [lv] By Saulvedis
loks pronunciation
loks [lv] By QueenZ
loks [lõks, onion] pronunciation
loks [lõks, onion] [lv] By xsenos
saraksts pronunciation
saraksts [lv] By Saulvedis
dzelzceļš pronunciation
dzelzceļš [lv] By Saulvedis
trauks pronunciation
trauks [lv] By Saulvedis
draugs pronunciation
draugs [lv] By meerweib
raugs pronunciation
raugs [lv] By Indra22
komplekss pronunciation
komplekss [lv] By Saulvedis
linna (mida? kuhu?) pronunciation
linna (mida? kuhu?) [et] By Atikker
źdźbło pronunciation
źdźbło [pl] By saliko
ssak pronunciation
ssak [pl] By EpicOfWar
řekl pronunciation
řekl [cs] By Zababa
Stĺp pronunciation
Stĺp [sk] By ucok
vŕšok pronunciation
vŕšok [sk] By ucok
nezahŕňať pronunciation
nezahŕňať [sk] By tOPsEEK
tŕnistý pronunciation
tŕnistý [sk] By vierama
Dĺžeň pronunciation
Dĺžeň [sk] By vierama
dlhší pronunciation
dlhší [sk] By ucok
centrs pronunciation
centrs [lv] By neesmusuns
tšehh pronunciation
tšehh [et] By allaraz
putns pronunciation
putns [lv] By deivs001