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Editor Features

These are the features available for Forvo editors. Want to try? Ask for it.

What do we expect for editors?

Nothing really special from what you were doing previously. It's people who have invested some of their time in Forvo, so we think that they like the project. They know how it works and being an editor gives them the ability to correct by themselves some problems caused by user generated content.

As an editor in Forvo, you'll have these advanced features available:

1. Add multiple words at once

Yes! a huge textbox to introduce as many words as you like.

2. Edit words and pronunciations

You also can help improve Forvo's quality by editing mistakes in spelling and pronunciation, as well as deleting inaccurate, non-native, or non-relevant content.

4. Tags

You can also edit or delete tags associated to a word.

5. Reporting system

Access to users' reports.

6. Forum

Access to an editors' only forum.

7. Good Karma

Share your language with the world and help preserve your linguistic heritage.