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  • Definition of mite

    • a slight but appreciable amount
    • any of numerous very small to minute arachnids often infesting animals or plants or stored foods
  • Synonyms of mite

    • iota pronunciation iota [en]
    • grain pronunciation grain [en]
    • speck pronunciation speck [en]
    • trace pronunciation trace [en]
    • whit pronunciation whit [en]
    • modicum pronunciation modicum [en]
    • jot pronunciation jot [en]
    • insect pronunciation insect [en]
    • tick pronunciation tick [en]
    • parasite pronunciation parasite [en]
Definition - Synonyms
  • Definition of mite

    • arthropode parasite de certaines matières (acariens, arachnides)
    • papillon de la famille des teignes dont les chenilles rongent les étoffes
    • rongé par les mites
  • Synonyms of mite

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