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  • skipped pronunciation skipped [en]
  • boycott pronunciation boycott [en]
  • parried pronunciation parried [en]
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  • 避免 pronunciation 避免 [zh]
  • shirk pronunciation shirk [en]
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  • skipping pronunciation skipping [en]
  • skive pronunciation skive [da]
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  • lumayo pronunciation lumayo [tl]
  • unikniesz pronunciation unikniesz [pl]
  • skips pronunciation skips [en]
  • ducking pronunciation ducking [en]
  • skiver pronunciation skiver [en]
  • aglisi pronunciation aglisi [ilo]
  • adaywan pronunciation adaywan [ilo]
  • uniknął pronunciation uniknął [pl]
  • مٹولنا pronunciation مٹولنا [ur]
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  • Record pronunciation for ʻalo ʻalo [haw] Pending pronunciation