british accent

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  • box pronunciation
    box [en]
  • faux pas pronunciation
    faux pas [en]
  • foie gras pronunciation
    foie gras [fr]
  • pot pronunciation
    pot [en]
  • take pronunciation
    take [en]
  • head pronunciation
    head [en]
  • Roma pronunciation
    Roma [la]
  • police pronunciation
    police [en]
  • to pronunciation
    to [en]
  • issue pronunciation
    issue [en]
  • argument pronunciation
    argument [en]
  • be pronunciation
    be [en]
  • mare pronunciation
    mare [en]
  • purse pronunciation
    purse [en]
  • suitable pronunciation
    suitable [en]
  • cry pronunciation
    cry [en]
  • width pronunciation
    width [en]
  • cap pronunciation
    cap [en]
  • nail pronunciation
    nail [en]
  • leak pronunciation
    leak [en]
  • Santa Claus pronunciation
    Santa Claus [en]
  • prescription pronunciation
    prescription [en]
  • provide pronunciation
    provide [en]
  • kidney pronunciation
    kidney [en]
  • elf pronunciation
    elf [de]
  • schnitzel pronunciation
    schnitzel [de]
  • bud pronunciation
    bud [en]
  • tag pronunciation
    tag [en]
  • shelves pronunciation
    shelves [en]
  • mere pronunciation
    mere [en]
  • heel pronunciation
    heel [en]
  • expatriate pronunciation
    expatriate [en]
  • trial pronunciation
    trial [en]
  • poetry pronunciation
    poetry [en]
  • tetanus pronunciation
    tetanus [en]
  • whistle pronunciation
    whistle [en]
  • careful pronunciation
    careful [en]
  • cautious pronunciation
    cautious [en]
  • underneath pronunciation
    underneath [en]
  • chores pronunciation
    chores [en]
  • tape pronunciation
    tape [en]
  • fiddle pronunciation
    fiddle [en]
  • shuffle pronunciation
    shuffle [en]
  • grave pronunciation
    grave [en]
  • dragonfly pronunciation
    dragonfly [en]
  • yell pronunciation
    yell [en]
  • gross pronunciation
    gross [en]
  • form pronunciation
    form [en]
  • ache pronunciation
    ache [en]
  • rosé pronunciation
    rosé [en]
  • jack-o-lantern pronunciation
    jack-o-lantern [en]
  • vet pronunciation
    vet [en]
  • tier pronunciation
    tier [en]
  • indeed pronunciation
    indeed [en]
  • grasshopper pronunciation
    grasshopper [en]
  • creator pronunciation
    creator [en]
  • first of all pronunciation
    first of all [en]
  • establish pronunciation
    establish [en]
  • punctuation pronunciation
    punctuation [en]
  • retire pronunciation
    retire [en]
  • dishwasher pronunciation
    dishwasher [en]
  • waitress pronunciation
    waitress [en]
  • sociable pronunciation
    sociable [en]
  • where there’s a will, there’s a way pronunciation
    where there’s a will, there’s a way [en]
  • chemical pronunciation
    chemical [en]
  • log pronunciation
    log [en]
  • evidence pronunciation
    evidence [en]
  • pencil sharpener pronunciation
    pencil sharpener [en]
  • rip pronunciation
    rip [en]
  • accountability pronunciation
    accountability [en]
  • puddle pronunciation
    puddle [en]
  • obstacle pronunciation
    obstacle [en]
  • prominent pronunciation
    prominent [en]
  • hacker pronunciation
    hacker [en]
  • toad pronunciation
    toad [en]
  • debate pronunciation
    debate [en]
  • likewise pronunciation
    likewise [en]
  • brass pronunciation
    brass [en]
  • lungs pronunciation
    lungs [en]
  • beak pronunciation
    beak [en]
  • smoke pronunciation
    smoke [en]
  • asphalt pronunciation
    asphalt [en]
  • leader pronunciation
    leader [en]
  • tool pronunciation
    tool [en]
  • illegal pronunciation
    illegal [en]
  • vote pronunciation
    vote [en]
  • ox pronunciation
    ox [en]
  • write-up pronunciation
    write-up [en]
  • announcement pronunciation
    announcement [en]
  • pulses pronunciation
    pulses [en]
  • divide pronunciation
    divide [en]
  • peas pronunciation
    peas [en]
  • striped pronunciation
    striped [en]
  • rummage pronunciation
    rummage [en]
  • bond pronunciation
    bond [en]
  • traffic pronunciation
    traffic [en]
  • relief pronunciation
    relief [en]
  • print pronunciation
    print [en]
  • badge pronunciation
    badge [en]
  • placard pronunciation
    placard [fr]