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chemical element

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  • iron pronunciation
    iron [en]
  • chrome pronunciation
    chrome [en]
  • silver pronunciation
    silver [en]
  • gold pronunciation
    gold [en]
  • lithium pronunciation
    lithium [en]
  • Einstein pronunciation
    Einstein [de]
  • ouro pronunciation
    ouro [pt]
  • fósforo pronunciation
    fósforo [es]
  • palladium pronunciation
    palladium [en]
  • hydrogen pronunciation
    hydrogen [en]
  • sink pronunciation
    sink [en]
  • oxygen pronunciation
    oxygen [en]
  • rádio pronunciation
    rádio [pt]
  • airgead pronunciation
    airgead [ga]
  • beryl pronunciation
    beryl [en]
  • radon pronunciation
    radon [fr]
  • ferro pronunciation
    ferro [pt]
  • hierro pronunciation
    hierro [es]
  • calcium pronunciation
    calcium [en]
  • zinco pronunciation
    zinco [pt]
  • mis pronunciation
    mis [fr]
  • Calcio pronunciation
    Calcio [it]
  • Eli pronunciation
    Eli [fi]
  • Horn pronunciation
    Horn [en]
  • helium pronunciation
    helium [en]
  • Rutherford pronunciation
    Rutherford [en]
  • magnesium pronunciation
    magnesium [en]
  • neon pronunciation
    neon [en]
  • Eir pronunciation
    Eir [is]
  • серебро pronunciation
    серебро [ru]
  • silicon pronunciation
    silicon [en]
  • Tina pronunciation
    Tina [es]
  • Silva pronunciation
    Silva [pt]
  • tal pronunciation
    tal [de]
  • fer pronunciation
    fer [fr]
  • Mercure pronunciation
    Mercure [fr]
  • Mercurio pronunciation
    Mercurio [es]
  • fier pronunciation
    fier [fr]
  • platinum pronunciation
    platinum [en]
  • zinc pronunciation
    zinc [fr]
  • jod pronunciation
    jod [de]
  • carbon pronunciation
    carbon [en]
  • Roentgen pronunciation
    Roentgen [en]
  • plata pronunciation
    plata [es]
  • tlen pronunciation
    tlen [pl]
  • Franc pronunciation
    Franc [fr]
  • rod pronunciation
    rod [da]
  • titanium pronunciation
    titanium [en]
  • hel pronunciation
    hel [nl]
  • titan pronunciation
    titan [en]
  • azufre pronunciation
    azufre [es]
  • Nobel pronunciation
    Nobel [pt]
  • selenium pronunciation
    selenium [en]
  • natur pronunciation
    natur [de]
  • cobre pronunciation
    cobre [es]
  • hidrógeno pronunciation
    hidrógeno [es]
  • boar pronunciation
    boar [en]
  • piombo pronunciation
    piombo [it]
  • золото pronunciation
    золото [ru]
  • potassium pronunciation
    potassium [en]
  • neptunium pronunciation
    neptunium [en]
  • fosfor pronunciation
    fosfor [tt]
  • índio pronunciation
    índio [pt]
  • plutonium pronunciation
    plutonium [en]
  • níquel pronunciation
    níquel [pt]
  • estanho pronunciation
    estanho [pt]
  • Бром pronunciation
    Бром [ru]
  • boron pronunciation
    boron [en]
  • uranium pronunciation
    uranium [en]
  • beryllium pronunciation
    beryllium [en]
  • argento pronunciation
    argento [it]
  • curium pronunciation
    curium [en]
  • indium pronunciation
    indium [en]
  • fluor pronunciation
    fluor [da]
  • 錫 pronunciation
  • polonium pronunciation
    polonium [en]
  • selen pronunciation
    selen [de]
  • Koper pronunciation
    Koper [af]
  • хлор pronunciation
    хлор [ru]
  • rhodium pronunciation
    rhodium [en]
  • аргон pronunciation
    аргон [ru]
  • деши pronunciation
    деши [ce]
  • фосфор pronunciation
    фосфор [ru]
  • nitrogen pronunciation
    nitrogen [en]
  • Eisen pronunciation
    Eisen [de]
  • Arsen pronunciation
    Arsen [de]
  • strontium pronunciation
    strontium [en]
  • Хром pronunciation
    Хром [tt]
  • kobalt pronunciation
    kobalt [de]
  • oxígeno pronunciation
    oxígeno [es]
  • fermium pronunciation
    fermium [fr]
  • groom pronunciation
    groom [en]
  • rutherfordium pronunciation
    rutherfordium [en]
  • terbium pronunciation
    terbium [en]
  • actinium pronunciation
    actinium [en]
  • cobalt pronunciation
    cobalt [en]
  • azoto pronunciation
    azoto [it]
  • gallium pronunciation
    gallium [en]
  • brom pronunciation
    brom [da]
  • buur pronunciation
    buur [nl]