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  • די pronunciation
    די [he]
  • riittää pronunciation
    riittää [fi]
  • يكفي pronunciation
    يكفي [ar]
  • vonde pronunciation
    vonde [fur]
  • 止めろ pronunciation
    止めろ [ja]
  • madi pronunciation
    madi [ht]
  • safi pronunciation
    safi [is]
  • nuff pronunciation
    nuff [pdc]
  • enow pronunciation
    enow [en]
  • kwita pronunciation
    kwita [pl]
  • الكافي pronunciation
    الكافي [ar]
  • كفاية pronunciation
    كفاية [ar]
  • gu leòr pronunciation
    gu leòr [gd]
  • 夠晒 pronunciation
    夠晒 [yue]