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  • poisson pronunciation
    poisson [fr]
  • fish and chips pronunciation
    fish and chips [en]
  • salmon pronunciation
    salmon [en]
  • bass pronunciation
    bass [en]
  • octopus pronunciation
    octopus [en]
  • tuna pronunciation
    tuna [en]
  • shark pronunciation
    shark [en]
  • drum pronunciation
    drum [en]
  • щука pronunciation
    щука [ru]
  • bouillabaisse pronunciation
    bouillabaisse [en]
  • tubarão pronunciation
    tubarão [pt]
  • skipper pronunciation
    skipper [en]
  • sei pronunciation
    sei [de]
  • crawfish pronunciation
    crawfish [en]
  • piranha pronunciation
    piranha [pt]
  • あゆ pronunciation
    あゆ [ja]
  • 魚 pronunciation
  • harder pronunciation
    harder [en]
  • manta pronunciation
    manta [es]
  • lobster pronunciation
    lobster [en]
  • scallop pronunciation
    scallop [en]
  • skate pronunciation
    skate [en]
  • tun pronunciation
    tun [de]
  • Fisch pronunciation
    Fisch [de]
  • 鮭 pronunciation
  • ansjovis pronunciation
    ansjovis [nl]
  • oyster pronunciation
    oyster [en]
  • eel pronunciation
    eel [en]
  • ray pronunciation
    ray [en]
  • seahorse pronunciation
    seahorse [en]
  • fillet pronunciation
    fillet [en]
  • 海老 pronunciation
    海老 [ja]
  • tilapia pronunciation
    tilapia [en]
  • barracuda pronunciation
    barracuda [en]
  • chum pronunciation
    chum [en]
  • cet pronunciation
    cet [fr]
  • Asa pronunciation
    Asa [pt]
  • periwinkle pronunciation
    periwinkle [en]
  • 鮪 pronunciation
  • Molly pronunciation
    Molly [en]
  • sardine pronunciation
    sardine [en]
  • gill pronunciation
    gill [en]
  • perch pronunciation
    perch [en]
  • Barbier pronunciation
    Barbier [fr]
  • lump pronunciation
    lump [en]
  • poissonnerie pronunciation
    poissonnerie [fr]
  • pilchard pronunciation
    pilchard [en]
  • fry pronunciation
    fry [en]
  • halibut pronunciation
    halibut [en]
  • deep-water prawn pronunciation
    deep-water prawn [en]
  • サメ pronunciation
    サメ [ja]
  • Kaan pronunciation
    Kaan [tr]
  • lutefisk pronunciation
    lutefisk [no]
  • sardinhas pronunciation
    sardinhas [pt]
  • carp pronunciation
    carp [en]
  • hareng pronunciation
    hareng [fr]
  • さかな pronunciation
    さかな [ja]
  • barbe pronunciation
    barbe [fr]
  • zuppa pronunciation
    zuppa [it]
  • calmar pronunciation
    calmar [es]
  • pike pronunciation
    pike [en]
  • カンパチ pronunciation
    カンパチ [ja]
  • trout pronunciation
    trout [en]
  • hering pronunciation
    hering [hu]
  • calamar pronunciation
    calamar [es]
  • coelacanth pronunciation
    coelacanth [en]
  • bleak pronunciation
    bleak [en]
  • silver dollar pronunciation
    silver dollar [en]
  • 金魚 pronunciation
    金魚 [ja]
  • Thon pronunciation
    Thon [fr]
  • surimi pronunciation
    surimi [ja]
  • anchovies pronunciation
    anchovies [en]
  • maguro pronunciation
    maguro [ja]
  • flounder pronunciation
    flounder [en]
  • Regenbogenforelle pronunciation
    Regenbogenforelle [de]
  • crayfish pronunciation
    crayfish [en]
  • raja pronunciation
    raja [pl]
  • quahog pronunciation
    quahog [en]
  • sea bass pronunciation
    sea bass [en]
  • ferskvannsfisk pronunciation
    ferskvannsfisk [no]
  • ハマチ pronunciation
    ハマチ [ja]
  • smelt pronunciation
    smelt [en]
  • イカ pronunciation
    イカ [ja]
  • goldfish pronunciation
    goldfish [en]
  • tonno pronunciation
    tonno [it]
  • παπαγάλος pronunciation
    παπαγάλος [el]
  • breac pronunciation
    breac [ga]
  • chondrichthyes pronunciation
    chondrichthyes [en]
  • herringbone pronunciation
    herringbone [en]
  • catfish pronunciation
    catfish [en]
  • karp pronunciation
    karp [pl]
  • 蟹 pronunciation
  • perca pronunciation
    perca [es]
  • Koi-Karpfen pronunciation
    Koi-Karpfen [de]
  • char pronunciation
    char [en]
  • coelacanthe pronunciation
    coelacanthe [fr]
  • fisk pronunciation
    fisk [no]
  • aji pronunciation
    aji [ja]
  • crappie pronunciation
    crappie [en]
  • mahimahi pronunciation
    mahimahi [en]