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  • banana pronunciation
    banana [en]
  • fish pronunciation
    fish [en]
  • dessert pronunciation
    dessert [en]
  • croissant pronunciation
    croissant [fr]
  • tea pronunciation
    tea [en]
  • onion pronunciation
    onion [en]
  • jalapeño pronunciation
    jalapeño [es]
  • scone pronunciation
    scone [en]
  • burger pronunciation
    burger [en]
  • ketchup pronunciation
    ketchup [en]
  • queso pronunciation
    queso [es]
  • sushi pronunciation
    sushi [es]
  • restaurant pronunciation
    restaurant [en]
  • gnocchi pronunciation
    gnocchi [it]
  • melk pronunciation
    melk [nl]
  • butter pronunciation
    butter [en]
  • hot dog pronunciation
    hot dog [en]
  • bagel pronunciation
    bagel [en]
  • pasta pronunciation
    pasta [en]
  • syrup pronunciation
    syrup [en]
  • sandwich pronunciation
    sandwich [fr]
  • bruschetta pronunciation
    bruschetta [it]
  • quinoa pronunciation
    quinoa [en]
  • sol pronunciation
    sol [fr]
  • menu pronunciation
    menu [en]
  • fish and chips pronunciation
    fish and chips [en]
  • mayo pronunciation
    mayo [es]
  • chicken pronunciation
    chicken [en]
  • bread pronunciation
    bread [en]
  • comida pronunciation
    comida [es]
  • mais pronunciation
    mais [fr]
  • hamburger pronunciation
    hamburger [en]
  • pizza pronunciation
    pizza [en]
  • carrot pronunciation
    carrot [en]
  • mayonnaise pronunciation
    mayonnaise [de]
  • ham pronunciation
    ham [en]
  • barbecue pronunciation
    barbecue [en]
  • biscuit pronunciation
    biscuit [en]
  • spread pronunciation
    spread [en]
  • cake pronunciation
    cake [en]
  • flour pronunciation
    flour [en]
  • mango pronunciation
    mango [en]
  • sashimi pronunciation
    sashimi [ja]
  • tortilla pronunciation
    tortilla [es]
  • pecan pronunciation
    pecan [en]
  • wagyu pronunciation
    wagyu [ja]
  • fruit pronunciation
    fruit [en]
  • toast pronunciation
    toast [en]
  • chipotle pronunciation
    chipotle [en]
  • gyoza pronunciation
    gyoza [ja]
  • cheese pronunciation
    cheese [en]
  • aubergine pronunciation
    aubergine [en]
  • paprika pronunciation
    paprika [en]
  • skyr pronunciation
    skyr [is]
  • charcuterie pronunciation
    charcuterie [en]
  • guacamole pronunciation
    guacamole [es]
  • 寿司 pronunciation
    寿司 [ja]
  • pastéis de nata pronunciation
    pastéis de nata [pt]
  • crêpes pronunciation
    crêpes [fr]
  • taco pronunciation
    taco [es]
  • quesadilla pronunciation
    quesadilla [es]
  • mochi pronunciation
    mochi [ja]
  • Chardonnay pronunciation
    Chardonnay [fr]
  • trdelník pronunciation
    trdelník [cs]
  • baklava pronunciation
    baklava [tr]
  • gaseosa pronunciation
    gaseosa [es]
  • butcher pronunciation
    butcher [en]
  • sorbet pronunciation
    sorbet [pl]
  • sir pronunciation
    sir [en]
  • ola pronunciation
    ola [es]
  • pecan pie pronunciation
    pecan pie [en]
  • zucchini pronunciation
    zucchini [en]
  • gyro pronunciation
    gyro [en]
  • Nestlé pronunciation
    Nestlé [en]
  • smørrebrød pronunciation
    smørrebrød [da]
  • McFlurry pronunciation
    McFlurry [en]
  • grits pronunciation
    grits [en]
  • coleslaw pronunciation
    coleslaw [en]
  • Sriracha pronunciation
    Sriracha [th]
  • spaghetti pronunciation
    spaghetti [en]
  • Nutella pronunciation
    Nutella [en]
  • quiche pronunciation
    quiche [fr]
  • orange juice pronunciation
    orange juice [en]
  • 小米 pronunciation
    小米 [zh]
  • curry pronunciation
    curry [en]
  • entrecôte pronunciation
    entrecôte [fr]
  • vermelho pronunciation
    vermelho [pt]
  • nigiri-zushi pronunciation
    nigiri-zushi [ja]
  • plate pronunciation
    plate [en]
  • steak pronunciation
    steak [en]
  • mil pronunciation
    mil [es]
  • Ferrero Rocher pronunciation
    Ferrero Rocher [it]
  • muesli pronunciation
    muesli [nl]
  • mince pronunciation
    mince [fr]
  • wrap pronunciation
    wrap [en]
  • Frühstück pronunciation
    Frühstück [de]
  • Worcester sauce pronunciation
    Worcester sauce [en]
  • omelette pronunciation
    omelette [en]
  • peanut butter pronunciation
    peanut butter [en]
  • 西瓜 pronunciation
    西瓜 [zh]