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  • sole pronunciation
    sole [en]
  • piede pronunciation
    piede [it]
  • volar pronunciation
    volar [es]
  • pes pronunciation
    pes [cs]
  • linge pronunciation
    linge [fr]
  • tootsy pronunciation
    tootsy [en]
  • pa pronunciation
    pa [pl]
  • kafa pronunciation
    kafa [tr]
  • stopa pronunciation
    stopa [pl]
  • metatarsal pronunciation
    metatarsal [en]
  • vuvuzela pronunciation
    vuvuzela [en]
  • پا pronunciation
    پا [fa]
  • پیر pronunciation
    پیر [ur]
  • big toe pronunciation
    big toe [en]
  • Hans Hateboer pronunciation
    Hans Hateboer [nl]
  • peri pronunciation
    peri [scn]
  • instep pronunciation
    instep [en]
  • zid pronunciation
    zid [ro]
  • ṉamuṉ pronunciation
    ṉamuṉ [arn]
  • foet pronunciation
    foet [fy]
  • tinea pedis pronunciation
    tinea pedis [en]
  • stopy pronunciation
    stopy [cs]
  • cloven hoof pronunciation
    cloven hoof [en]
  • dactylic pronunciation
    dactylic [en]
  • podiatric pronunciation
    podiatric [en]
  • Kulu pronunciation
    Kulu [fi]
  • Johan Elmander pronunciation
    Johan Elmander [sv]
  • dedinho pronunciation
    dedinho [pt]
  • பாதம் pronunciation
    பாதம் [ta]
  • pedes pronunciation
    pedes [la]
  • Erdal Rakip pronunciation
    Erdal Rakip [sv]
  • ตีน pronunciation
    ตีน [th]
  • haluksy pronunciation
    haluksy [pl]
  • ko taw pronunciation
    ko taw [hmn]
  • noka pronunciation
    noka [tok]
  • Metacarpals pronunciation
    Metacarpals [en]
  • peroneus brevis pronunciation
    peroneus brevis [en]
  • পা pronunciation
    পা [bn]
  • ਪੈਰ pronunciation
    ਪੈਰ [pa]
  • misit pronunciation
    misit [cr]
  • droed pronunciation
    droed [cy]
  • Record pronunciation for shî shî [kr] Pending pronunciation
  • Record pronunciation for vesalianum vesalianum [en] Pending pronunciation
  • Record pronunciation for lunyawo lunyawo [ss] Pending pronunciation