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  • Pikachu pronunciation
    Pikachu [ja]
  • daga pronunciation
    daga [es]
  • 鼠 pronunciation
  • 쥐 pronunciation
  • clic pronunciation
    clic [es]
  • עכבר pronunciation
    עכבר [he]
  • sagu pronunciation
    sagu [pt]
  • Sandshrew pronunciation
    Sandshrew [en]
  • Muus pronunciation
    Muus [nds]
  • 생쥐 pronunciation
    생쥐 [ko]
  • ねずみ pronunciation
    ねずみ [ja]
  • muso pronunciation
    muso [it]
  • mysz pronunciation
    mysz [pl]
  • Raichu pronunciation
    Raichu [en]
  • raton pronunciation
    raton [fr]
  • Ɓera pronunciation
    Ɓera [ha]
  • ꀉꉌ pronunciation
    ꀉꉌ [ii]
  • musmus pronunciation
    musmus [jam]
  • mysi pronunciation
    mysi [pl]
  • miška pronunciation
    miška [sl]
  • מױז pronunciation
    מױז [yi]
  • Spitzmaus pronunciation
    Spitzmaus [de]
  • waawaabganojiinh pronunciation
    waawaabganojiinh [oj]
  • surci pronunciation
    surci [scn]
  • ਚੂਹਾ pronunciation
    ਚੂਹਾ [pa]
  • wâpakosîs pronunciation
    wâpakosîs [cr]
  • Acomys kempi pronunciation
    Acomys kempi [en]
  • Sandslash pronunciation
    Sandslash [en]
  • Acomys percivali pronunciation
    Acomys percivali [en]
  • bubuwit pronunciation
    bubuwit [tl]
  • Record pronunciation for kandoi kandoi [rom] Pending pronunciation