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  • sore pronunciation sore [en]
  • sono pronunciation sono [it]
  • dat pronunciation dat [la]
  • 那个 pronunciation 那个 [zh]
  • are (あれ) pronunciation are (あれ) [ja]
  • כך pronunciation כך [he]
  • ذلك pronunciation ذلك [ar]
  • כדי pronunciation כדי [he]
  • że pronunciation że [pl]
  • ấy pronunciation ấy [vi]
  • ano (あの) pronunciation ano (あの) [ja]
  • chiddu pronunciation chiddu [scn]
  • éta pronunciation éta [is]
  • בכך pronunciation בכך [he]
  • nè:ne pronunciation nè:ne [moh]
  • acchi pronunciation acchi [ja]
  • அந்த pronunciation அந்த [ta]
  • באותה pronunciation באותה [he]
  • որ pronunciation որ [hy]
  • 伊只 pronunciation 伊只 [wuu]
  • 埃只 pronunciation 埃只 [wuu]
  • Record pronunciation for daade daade [jam] Pending pronunciation
  • Record pronunciation for ସେହି ସେହି [or] Pending pronunciation