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  • kore pronunciation
    kore [ja]
  • awa pronunciation
    awa [pap]
  • هذا pronunciation
    هذا [ar]
  • این pronunciation
    این [fa]
  • ин pronunciation
    ин [kbd]
  • tätä pronunciation
    tätä [fi]
  • כך pronunciation
    כך [he]
  • זאת pronunciation
    זאת [he]
  • 這個 pronunciation
    這個 [zh]
  • הזה pronunciation
    הזה [he]
  • takiego pronunciation
    takiego [pl]
  • kí:ken pronunciation
    kí:ken [moh]
  • הזאת pronunciation
    הזאת [he]
  • بذلك pronunciation
    بذلك [ar]
  • لهذه pronunciation
    لهذه [ar]
  • ôma pronunciation
    ôma [cr]
  • custhu pronunciation
    custhu [sc]
  • זו pronunciation
    זו [he]
  • هالشي pronunciation
    هالشي [ar]
  • 个只 pronunciation
    个只 [wuu]
  • یہہ pronunciation
    یہہ [ur]
  • ଇହ pronunciation
    ଇହ [or]
  • 箇只 pronunciation
    箇只 [wuu]